Technical Documentation

We can advise and help you with the process of producing and maintaining the Technical Documentation required for products you manufacture which fall within the scope of the EMC Directive (2014/30/EU).

Technical Documentation must demonstrate that a product (or product family) meets the essential requirements of the 2016 Electromagetic Compatibility Regulations.

Manufacturers Technical Documentation has to include

  • A description of the product (this will be needed in any case for an instruction manual or publicity materials)
  • Evidence of compliance of the apparatus with the essential EMC requirements (usually by testing to harmonised standards)
  • For more complicated products, evidence may include: EMC Management, Control and Test Plans

Extended Justification will be needed:

  • For equipment lacking applicable designated or harmonised standards
  • For cases where the manufacturer has only applied a standard in part
  • For large equipment or installed systems where testing to standards is impractical and on-site or in-situ testing has to be performed
  • Where there are a large number of product variants and individual testing is uneconomic

As a manufacturer’s option a Notified Body report can be included, which independently assesses all or part of the Technical Documentation.

How we can help

Eurofins York can offer

  • Guidance to manufacturers on how to comply with the 2016 Electromagetic Compatibility Regulations
  • Guidance on the rationale for an extended justification
  • Compilation or guidance on compilation of Technical Documentation
  • Reviews of existing documentation (see Product and Documentation Health Check)
  • On-site and laboratory testing
  • The 2016 Electromagetic Compatibility Regulations Explained provides interactive training on the compilation of technical documentation
  • Approved Body Assessment of Technical Documentation

Contact our York office to discuss your technical documentation requirements or to enquire about relevant training courses.