Global Market Access

Expand your markets with our comprehensive Global Market Access programme. Obtain country-specific approvals and certifications with our dedicated service and deliver your products into global markets, quickly, simply and cost-effectively.

As you look to new markets and new selling opportunities for your products, you will come across a range of different regulatory requirements for safety, wireless/radio, EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) and more, navigating these can often be complex and time-consuming. There will be different product certification requirements for each and you’ll need to work with a range of certification bodies before you can access these new opportunities.

You may also be looking to add new technologies to an existing product, some form of wireless technology for example, and this will change the regulatory requirements for your product.

You’ll need to be aware of the individual regulations for each country that you want to access and in the absence of common or harmonised standards, regulations or requirements, this can be a difficult task, especially as the requirements in some countries and regions are regularly updated and expanded.

Understanding this complex and changing landscape requires in-depth research and extensive knowledge as well as access to in-country expertise.

Our Global Market Access (GMA) service takes away the burden of understanding what is needed for your chosen countries and gives you a single point of contact for testing, approval and certifications, reducing business risk and increasing opportunities for you to expand and grow your international markets.

How we can help you access new markets

We will make the process of accessing new markets or meeting new regulatory requirements as simple and straight forward as possible.

Our GMA team will review any current product approval and certifications that you may have and identify the requirements for each country that you want to access. We’ll carry out a gap analysis and identify what, if any, additional testing is needed and what new approvals will be needed to ensure on-going compliance.

Together, we’ll develop and implement an action plan to obtain the required approvals, certifications and compliance that will allow you to access your chosen markets cost-effectively.

What is GMA (Global Market Access)?

In most countries or regions, rules and regulations dictate not only what requirements apply to specific products but also how compliance with those rules and regulations should be shown.

GMA is the process of identifying the relevant regulatory requirements for these countries and regions and managing the steps to product compliance.

We go further, establishing a relationship with you that will benefit you, now and in the future, as you develop new products and look to access new markets. Our GMA team will guide you through the process of compliance and approval to help you maximise the revenue and profits from your products and your business.

Our GMA Services

  • Compliance review
    • Country specific research into regulatory and compliance requirements
    • Indentification of specific country approvals needed
    • Review of your current approval, certification and documentation
  • Gap Analysis
    • Identification of where additional testing, certification or approval are needed to obtain or maintain compliance in new or existing markets
  • Testing & Certification
    • Comprehensive global testing and certification capabilities including the IECEE CB Scheme and the MET Mark for US/Canadian safety compliance
  • Application, submission & administration
    • Provision of an in-country representative where required
  • Guidance and support
    • On-going advice and support to ensure you can access information whenever it’s needed during your product development cycle

To give you flexibility, you can choose from any part of our GMA services or we can provide you with a complete solution to deliver compliance, certification and regulatory approvals.

The benefits of working with Eurofins for your Global Market Access

Eurofins has a global network of accredited testing and certification laboratories that have experience and knowledge of local market requirements and when combined with the capabilities of our GMA team, we can offer a truly one-stop GMA service to allow you to access new and growing markets.

Key benefits

  • Reduce business risk
    • Our independent and accredited testing, certification and verification services deliver value for money as well as state of the art facilities and equipment and experienced staff
    • We work as an extension to your existing team, guiding you through the process of obtaining and maintaining compliance
  • Save time and money
    • Eurofins participates in global certification schemes such as the IECEE CB Scheme which often means that you can obtain certifications and approvals without the need for expensive and time-consuming retesting, allowing you to access markets quicker and at a lower cost
    • With the benefit of many years’ experience, we can identify where testing can be optimised and the extensive scope of accreditation across our global network allows us to offer a single point of contact for all of your GMA needs
  • Access a global network of approval, certification and testing services
    • Eurofins has an extensive global network of laboratories that deliver expert testing capabilities not only for electrical and electronic testing but for a wide range of other applications, ensuring you can test an entire product from start to finish
    • To meet safety requirements for the US & Canada, Eurofins MET Labs provides the MET Mark giving you a recognised certification mark for these globally important markets

Your next steps to Global Market Access

To find out how our GMA services can help you access new markets or how we can help you manage your global compliance, contact our GMA team and we will be pleased to guide you through the process.