Compliance Support from Eurofins E&E

Compliance Support from Eurofins E&E is a comprehensive service that supports your compliance needs and helps you deliver compliant products to market, quickly and easily.

Ensuring that your products are compliant when you first put them onto the market and continue to be compliant is often a time consuming and costly task and one that many companies struggle to get right.

We understand the problems faced by manufacturers and the complexity of understanding, obtaining and maintaining compliance for your products from CE Marking to global product approvals.

Our Compliance Support services guide you through the compliance process from start to finish, removing uncertainty, reducing risk, minimising delays and giving you long-term cost savings.

  • Do you have a compliance strategy for current and future products that can save you time, money and stress?
  • Is your documentation up-to-date & correct for your current products, especially with the changing requirements of BREXIT?
  • Do you have all of the information required for your current markets and can you evidence compliance, even if you’re self-declaring?
  • Are you looking at new markets for your products and need to know the requirements for those markets?
  • Are you looking to add new technology to existing products such as wireless communications?
  • Are there any other challenges that you are facing?

Our Compliance Support service helps you answer all of these questions and works with you, assisting and guiding you through all aspects of your product compliance, from design through development to placing the product onto the market and beyond.

Ensure you have a simple route to product compliance with this unique service from Eurofins E&E.

To find out more about how we can help, just drop your details into the form and one of our team will get in touch.