EMC Management

We have the experience to provide a complete solution to the EMC management process from conception to completion for any project.

Our experience includes, but is not limited to; apparatus or fixed installations in rail, the built environment, or energy sectors.

To achieve Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) for complex projects, EMC needs to be managed from the outset as it is invariably both difficult and costly to resolve problems once the equipment has already built and/or installed.

By planning and managing EMC throughout the project delivery process, including control of sub-contractors and equipment suppliers, reviewing designs and implementing an effective strategy, most problems can be foreseen and avoided.

Eurofins E&E UK can manage your project from concept to delivery and installation, or simply help you out with a particular component referred to below.

EMC risk management services

EMC management process

1.  Project management

  • Attention to detail and EMC consideration throughout
  • EMC specification
  • EMC assurance
  • EMC expertise to guide and assist the responsible person
  • A strategy for EMC

2. Hazard Identification (HAZID) and Risk Assessment and analysis

3.  Generation of documentation

  • EMC management and control plans
  • EMC specifications
  • Reviews of designs (from infrastructure to PCB)
  • Cable layout reviews and interference studies
  • Test plans
  • Compliance reports
  • Technical documentation

4.  EMC on-site and / or laboratory testing

5.  Close-out

EMC strategy

Detailing the technical requirements is the starting point. This may be a harmonised European (EN) standard or a customer specification.

It is also necessary to consider the operating environment for the equipment, as this may require a hazard identification (HAZID) resulting in additional requirements for the EMC specification and may result in an EMC hazard log.

EMC assurance

It is necessary to manage the EMC assurance process to ensure that the equipment/installation will meet the target specification.

To do this an EMC Management or Control Plan is required detailing the responsibilities, deliverables (e.g. test plans, test reports and compliance reports) and sub-contractor/supplier requirements.


As the project progresses, the results of test reports and other activities are compiled into a compliance report, which closes out hazards and forms part of the Technical Documentation for the equipment, or the EMC Documentation for the installation.

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