EMC Project Guidance

EMC and RF engineering project guidance is available globally for small, medium and large size projects and problems from our specialist team of experienced and highly qualified engineers.

EMC Project Advice and Guidance

Whatever your EMC experience, sometimes we all need a little advice and guidance

Our Project Support offering for EMC and the wider field of RF engineering can range from a few hours help on the phone, attending your project meetings in an advisory capacity or providing Contractors Engineering Manager (CEM) support. We can also act as an EMC contractors responsible engineer (CRE) if required and can provide advice and guidance if you think EMC is important but you feel you’re not quite there yet.

Whatever the project, one of our engineers will be able to help with advice, tips and planning.

Whole or part EMC support

Our Expert Services department can assist you in a number of ways

  1. Guide you through the whole compliance process, taking it out of your hands so you don’t have to worry about it
  2. Carry out a small part of your project, for example where you don’t have the expertise or your staff are busy on other projects
  3. … or anything in-between

We have provided project guidance to customers involved in large infrastructure projects all over the world and are able to help with EMC aspects in most areas with a specialism in Rail.

To find out how we can help you contact the Expert Services department at our York office or via our enquiry form.