We can provide access to US markets through accredited testing to Federation of Communications Commission (FCC) requirements.

FCC Rules

The Federal Communications Commission is the federal agency responsible for implementing and enforcing America’s communications law and regulations including those for radio frequency (RF) devices and ISM equipment. Its rules and regulations are published in Title 47 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) which includes the requirements for placing RF devices on the US market.

For RF devices which are unintentional transmitters the authorisation process depends on the product. Radio devices which are intentional transmitters / radiators however must follow the certification authorisation-route.

Eurofins York (formerly York EMC Services) offers a range of FCC electronic product compliance testing to 47 CFR 15 and 47 CFR 18 and all of our laboratories are listed on the FCC website as an FCC recognised accredited testing laboratory.

Declaration of Conformity (DoC)

  • Testing by an accredited testing laboratory is required and the manufacturer (or other responsible party) must provide a test report and other information demonstrating compliance with the FCC rules upon request by the Commission.
  • Examples of devices subject to a DoC include personal computers and peripherals, consumer ISM equipment such as microwave ovens and RF light bulbs, radio receivers and TV interface devices.


  • The manufacturer (or other responsible party) has the option to use an accredited testing laboratory. They must provide a test report and other information demonstrating compliance with the FCC rules upon request by the Commission.
  • Examples of devices subject to verification include non-consumer ISM equipment; TV and FM receivers; and business computer equipment.
  • Devices subject to verification must be uniquely identified in a format which cannot be confused with the FCC identifier required on certified equipment.


  • Applies to intentional radiators and certain unintentional radiators.
  • Testing by an accredited test laboratory is mandatory, followed by TCB (Telecommunications Certification Body) formal certification.
  • Certified devices require an FCC ID.
  • A grant of Equipment Authorisation is issued by the TCB for certified equipment.

Accredited FCC testing

Eurofins York’s laboratories are accredited by UKAS to the requirements of FCC Title 47 CFR parts 15B, 15C and part 18; and are designated as Conformity Assessment Bodies under the EMC Sectoral Annex of the EU-US Mutual Recognition Agreement.

Eurofins York offers FCC electronic product compliance testing measurements for unintentional and intentional radiators covering electromagnetic emissions ranging from 9 kHz to 40 GHz.

When using the certification authorisation-route, in addition to testing, Eurofins York also offers the service of acting as an agent making the application on behalf of the customer. This consists of completion of application forms and on-line TCB application.

For more information on gaining access to the US markets and FCC approval for your RF device, please contact your local Eurofins York Test Laboratory.  For non-UK customers, contact our York Office.

Our FCC accreditation schedule for each of our laboratories can be found on the FCC Website.

To view a full list of Eurofins York’s accreditations click here.