UKAS Accreditation

We are accredited to ISO 17025 by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) for many of the tests that we perform within our three laboratories.

The range of standards against which we are accredited can be found on our current UKAS schedule. Click here for the latest published list of standards to which we hold accreditation.


Accreditation is the formal recognition that an organisation is competent to perform specific processes, activities, or tasks which are detailed in a scope of accreditation in a reliable, credible and accurate manner.

ISO 17025 is the international standard on which accreditation is based and sets out the requirements that laboratories must meet.  These include the need to operate a documentation quality system as well as being able to demonstrate that the laboratory has the facilities, the equipment and the competence to perform the tests to which it holds accreditation.

Eurofins York (formerly York EMC Services) is audited by UKAS on an annual basis to ensure that we continue to comply with the requirements of ISO 17025 as well as perform tests correctly.  This independent, third-party assessment allows customers to place their products on the market with confidence.

Our three test facilities, near Bristol, Leeds and in Grangemouth all hold ISO 17025 accreditation for standards associated with the EMC, Low Voltage and Radio Equipment Directives as well as international standards and in-country standards such as those from the FCC and VCCI.

We regularly update our UKAS schedule to ensure that it incorporates the latest standards.  In agreement with UKAS we operate a Flexible Schedule of Accreditation which makes it possible for us to add some standards directly to our UKAS schedule. If the standard you require testing to is not currently on our UKAS schedule, please contact us so that we can assess your requirements.

  • Schedule | Click here for the latest published list of standards to which we hold accreditation.

Why use a UKAS accredited laboratory?

Benefits to You

  • UKAS accredited testing reduces risk and provides confidence for customers to place products on the market
  • As an accredited laboratory, Eurofins York has demonstrated our competences and that we have appropriate facilities in which to carry out the testing
  • Using an accredited test laboratory ensures that reliable measurements and tests are carried out and in compliance with the appropriate test standards
  • Using an accredited laboratory to carry out an independent evaluation helps demonstrate due diligence in the event of legal action
  • UKAS’ involvement in Mutual Recognition Agreements helps to reduce barriers to trade for organisations who use UKAS accredited testing

To find out more about UKAS click here.

To view a full list of Eurofins York’s accreditations click here.