Product and Documentation Health Check

Ensuring your new and existing products are safe and legal requires both administrative and technical compliance.

Placing the CE Mark on a product is an important step for any manufacturer, signifying to the supply chain that important regulatory requirements have been met.

The consequences of getting it wrong can be financially costly, and negatively impact the brand and the reputation of manufacturers, importers and distributors. Our administrative and technical compliance product review service can help you avoid such pitfalls.

Achieving administrative and technical compliance

We can review the compliance of your product against both the administrative and technical requirements of the relevant directives.

Benefits to you

  • Gives confidence to apply CE Marking to new products
  • Provides reassurance that existing products remain compliant
  • Protects the company brand and reputation
  • Ensures that documentation is available for Market Surveillance Authorities
  • Improves responses to requests for evidence of compliance from the supply chain

A flexible solution | tailored to individual needs

European legislation, in the form of the Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), Low Voltage (LV) and Radio Equipment Directives, contains a series of both technical and administrative requirements which must be satisfied before the CE marking can be applied.

The latest CE Marking Directives include enhanced market surveillance activities across Europe and, aided by new traceability requirements throughout the supply chain, enable non-compliant products to be more quickly identified and removed from the market.

Directives, standards and the products themselves all change with time, meaning that a once compliant product becomes non-compliant often without the manufacturer realising.

Eurofins E&E UK Product and Documentation Compliance Health Check is a flexible service designed to reduce risk and increase product confidence throughout the supply chain.

What does a product compliance health check include?

This health check can include some or all of the following, depending upon an individual organisation’s needs:

  • A review of the technical and administrative requirements
  • A check that the test standards used are still applicable and current
  • Advice on changes to standards
  • A review of the suitability of technical documentation
  • Advice on ensuring on-going compliance for existing products
  • A Declaration of Conformity (DoC) check for content, accuracy and currency
  • A traceability review

Whatever the outcome of your health check, Eurofins E&E UK can assist in ensuring the products are compliant when placed on the market and remain so throughout their life cycle.

For more information on our administrative and technical compliance product review service, or to enquire about your Product and Documentation Compliance Health Check, please contact the Expert Services team at our York office.