Bespoke Solutions

Bespoke global RF, EMI and EMC engineering solutions. If there is an answer, we will find it. If it is possible, we can do it.

Our very experienced Expert Services team can apply themselves to many different problems or issues.

We have captured most of our core business on the rest of our website, where this is easily pigeonholed into one or the other sector.

However, we are also capable of all types of electromagnetic (EM), EMI, EMC and RF engineering analysis, research and development ranging from checking printed circuit boards, predicting screening and shielding levels to analysing the impact of space weather on our networks and systems.

All of our engineers are educated to Masters level and half of them are at PhD level and are therefore accustomed to finding engineering solutions.

We believe that no problem is too difficult to solve, so if you seem to have reached an impasse, can see one coming or have an existing issue that needs looking at, please get in touch.

There is not much in the field of RF and EMC that we can’t do.

Reach us at our York office to discuss your needs or send us an enquiry.