On-site Testing

Eurofins York (formerly York EMC Services) is highly experienced in the assessment of physically large equipment backed up by on-site EMC, EMF and safety measurements.

In addition to our laboratory based services we also offer

  • Regulatory compliance testing of physically large equipment for EMC and electrical safety on-site at the location of final installation or at the manufacturer’s premises
  • Electromagnetic (EM) Surveys from DC to 40 GHz
  • EMF assessments; including site-surveys against the requirements of the new EMF Directive 2013/35/EU

In-situ Testing

Examples of equipment tested ‘in-situ’ at either the manufacturer’s premises or location of final installation includes:

  • Power supply, substations and switch-gear
  • Large generator systems
  • Cranes and earth moving machinery
  • Precision grinding equipment
  • Telecommunications systems
  • Railway rolling stock
  • Railway signalling and track-side equipment

Manufacturers of large apparatus must still meet the administrative requirements of CE marking directives including generating and maintaining Technical Documentation and a Declaration of Conformity.

Just as with laboratory-tested products, we can help you ensure that all of the regulatory requirements are met for large equipment, tested ‘in-situ’.

Electromagnetic Surveys

An assessment of the background ambient spectrum can provide important information when considering building a new installation or making changes to an existing one.

Electromagnetic surveys are often at their most useful when done in two parts

  1. Before the commencement of the new installation
  2. At the same points (or as close as possible) when the work is complete

This provides both ‘before’ and ‘after’ scenarios which can then be compared. These can be particularly useful at the boundary of an installation to pre-empt any questions of interference to TV services, for example, from nearby residents.

Notified Body

Eurofins York is also a Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) appointed Notified Body for the assessment of Technical Documentation under the EMC Directive, 2014/30/EU.