Rail Testing

We specialise in laboratory and on-site testing to the EN 50121 series of standards covering rolling stock, apparatus and fixed installations.

We have been involved in rail specific testing for over 20 years which complements our regulatory guidance services and which provides a complete package of compliance management services for the rail industry. Our highly experienced on-site testing team hold PTS, ICI (with LU module), CSCS and we are qualified by audit on RISQS.

We are able to offer you testing services covering the following aspects of Rail regulatory compliance.

Rolling stock testing

  • Stationary, slow moving and fast moving testing
  • High speed, Light Rail, Urban and Extra Urban plus support and Road-Rail Vehicles
  • Ancillary system testing of whole vehicle
  • Laboratory based testing of apparatus on-board testing
  • Trouble shooting (see Bespoke testing and solutions)
  • Emissions testing to EN 50121 plus extended frequency ranges
  • Immunity testing in our accredited test laboratories and on-site provocation testing where appropriate
  • Axle counter tests (with calibrated antenna) to TS 50238-3

Fixed installation testing

The EMC Directive (2014/30/EU) defines a fixed installation (FI) as “a particular combination of several types of apparatus and, where applicable, other devices, which are assembled, installed and intended to be used permanently at a predefined location.” This means that the Railway itself, including Depots, Substations and other fixed assets, counts as an FI in the eyes of the directive.

To aid in meeting the essential requirements of the EMC Directive and assist with EMC Management, we can carry out on-site testing on the following

  • Substations
  • Depots
  • Open rail line (including electrified/non-electrified)
  • Underground and other urban transport systems
  • Stations

Testing can be carried out to

  • EN 50121; all on-site parts
  • NR / SP / TEL / 31107 for Longitudinal and Transverse Voltages
  • EN 50500, 2013/35/EU and ICNIRP levels for Control of Electromagnetic Fields at Work Regulations

Pre-energisation and post-energisation testing

Post-energisation testing is often critical in closing out EMC risks.

We can carry out both Pre-Energisation and Post-Energisation tests that give you

  • A baseline EM environment to ensure the EM environment is suitable for the equipment being placed (or already) in it
  • A baseline EM measurement to assess the change in the EM environment affected by the changes to the Fixed Installation
  • A baseline EM survey giving EM insurance in case of future interference problems that are not due to the changes due to the FI

Apparatus testing

For apparatus we test either on-site (if it’s big) or in one of our accredited laboratories.

Please contact our Eurofins E&E UK York Office for more information.