Pre-Compliance Testing

Pre-compliance testing can help you identify any potential issues with your product before you undertake full compliance testing, saving you time, money and minimising the need for expensive design changes.

It is a cost-effective and low-risk route to ensuring that your product or device will successfully pass its final compliance testing and can give you useful, actionable information as to where your design may need adjustment, improvement or changes before you go for full testing.

Our experienced engineers and laboratory staff can guide you through the compliance process, enabling you to understand where potential issues may arise and where issues do occur, offer advice and recommendations as to how they can be resolved.

That is why undertaking pre-compliance testing with Eurofins E&E UK can help you deliver your products to market, on time and on budget.

Why use Eurofins E&E UK for your pre-compliance testing?

When you come to one of our UKAS accredited test laboratories for pre-compliance testing, you’ll be using the same equipment and facilities you would when undertaking full compliance testing. You’ll also be working alongside the same experienced engineers who would undertake the full compliance testing of your products.

By undertaking your pre-compliance testing within Eurofins E&E UK you will get:

  • Real confidence in the measurements provided by us, providing you with better assurance when tackling your full-compliance assessment
  • Assurance of data ahead of measurement to provide you with a focused approach on product redesign or improvement, ready for full-compliance testing
  • Cutting edge test equipment, providing ultra-fast pre-compliance emission scans, ideal for debugging and quick identification of problems areas
  • Access to our workshop, stocked with EMC solutions which can be applied on-site, helping you to determine the best long-term solution for your product
  • Access to our experienced engineers with expertise across different compliance standards and requirements (EMC, Electrical Safety, Radio etc.)
  • Detailed and comprehensive traceability of the test equipment used, meaning no discrepancy between pre-compliance and full-compliance data (subject to the relevant standards used), reducing the time to market and the risk of unnecessary and expensive design changes
  • Repeatability of the test setup between pre-compliance and full-compliance
  • A working relationship with our test engineers and laboratory staff which will continue throughout the process of both pre and full compliance testing.

You also can be confident that the pre-compliance tests have been carried out to the highest standard, removing any doubt that you may have about the validity, reliability or accuracy of the measurement data.

Electrical Safety/LVD Testing

Alongside our EMC and Radio pre-compliance services, our Electrical Safety labs can provide a range of services to enable you to identify potential risks within your products as well as offering a design review service before you submit your product for full electrical safety testing.

This can help you identify critical components and ensure that you have the correct information and documentation prior to submission for full testing.

For more information, please contact one of our Electrical Safety labs who will be able to provide details and a proposal to meet your needs.

Would you like more information?

If you would like to discuss pre-compliance testing for your product or if you have any questions about undertaking testing, either for pre-compliance or full compliance, please get in touch and we will be pleased to help.

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