Bespoke Testing

We can test beyond the UKAS accredited standards listed and are highly experienced in troubleshooting, looking for specific areas of concern, spectrum control and uniquely specified environments.

Designing your own test methods and measurements

There are many reasons why you may wish to design your own test methods and standards, but whatever the reason, our experienced engineers are here to help.

Reasons for using such a bespoke testing service include

  • A standard is lacking in some areas
  • A customer specification is more onerous than a standard test
  • You are looking to carry out bespoke pre-compliance  tests on specific products
  • You are looking to troubleshoot issues
  • You are looking to delve into more detail than the standards give you
  • You have a device not covered by usual standards or with specific requirements

Bespoke electromagnetic (EM) testing

At Eurofins E&E UK we can offer bespoke testing solutions to almost any Electromagnetic (EM) related aspect including EMC, EMF, EMI, RF and microwave. Such activities include (but are not limited to)

  • Pre-compliance testing
  • EMC Environment (anechoic, reverberation GTEM) measurements
  • On-site electromagnetic (EM) testing surveys (including intentional transmitter sites)
  • Board level measurements
  • Specific tests for components, apparatus and fixed installations
  • High dynamic range Shielding measurements (any size enclosure)
  • Bespoke RF measurements

If you have a requirement for bespoke testing the please contact our York office.