Oil and Gas

We have many years of EMC design and testing experience to help the oil and gas industry achieve compliance, increase reliability and reduce business risk.

Electromagnetic interference (EMI) can have significant safety and cost implications for the oil and gas industry. Issues arising from the presence of unintentional radio frequency (RF) energy in the inherently hazardous working environment can pose a significant threat to personnel, to assets and to revenue.

Compliance in the Oil and Gas industry

Designers of new technologies intending to better explore the sea bed and to improve the extraction of oil from existing wells need to ensure the reliability of their operations. The remote locations present a number of challenges as, frequently, equipment needs to measure small signals delivered over long lengths of cables in a harsh electromagnetic environment.

Attempting to resolve issues in-situ can be both time consuming and costly. It is therefore important to build in the electromagnetic resilience necessary to provide confidence that the equipment will operate as intended.

At Eurofins York (formerly York EMC Services), we understand these issues and as RF experts we can help you to design and assess your products against enhanced requirements, in addition to those necessary to demonstrate regulatory compliance.


Eurofins York has extensive experience of testing and supporting our customers to demonstrate compliance with standards such as: EN 60945 for marine navigation and radio communication equipment and systems; EN 60533 for electrical and electronic installations in ships.

In addition to laboratory testing, we also perform Electromagnetic (EM) site-surveys to assess the levels of ambient RF environment and on-site testing for large installed equipment such as those intended to be located on-board ships and offshore platforms.

Advice and guidance

Our experienced Engineers are available to help you through the EMI and RF compliance process for this high-risk industry sector including

  • Procurement strategies
  • Risk assessments
  • Technical documentation preparation
  • Design
  • UK Approved Body/NI Notified Body assessment of EMC Technical Documentation
  • On-going compliance


We offer a range of scheduled and bespoke or in-house training at various levels, from one-day courses through to our flagship five-day Fundamentals of EMC training course.

Our on-demand, one-day introductory course to EMC for the Oil and Gas industry covers

  • What is EMC and why is it important
  • The EMC Directive & implementing regulations
  • Technical documentation
  • The offshore and sub-sea environment
  • Offshore, marine EMC and related standards

Please contact our York office for more information.