EMC Management for Rail Infrastructure

Whole-project EMC support, guidance and advice for Rail Infrastructure projects of all sizes from the EMC Experts at Eurofins York.

EMC management throughout a project, from the initial design to final commissioning, is essential to avoid costly delays and the risk of financial penalties. Extend your in-house capabilities with our Expert Services team who will work alongside you to deliver effective EMC management and control plans.

Let us help you reduce risk and ensure compliance with legal requirements as well as meeting the demands of regulatory authorities and external stakeholders.

Reducing EMC risk

Infrastructure risk management for EMC covers both internal project electromagnetic interactions and external interfaces with existing, 3rd party and/or legacy systems.

Eurofins York can reduce the risk by providing conception to completion guidance and compliance management for EMC for infrastructure projects including

  • Full electrification
  • Re-signalling
  • Platform extensions
  • Depot upgrades
  • Substations; new and/or upgraded

Our Expert Services team will guide and advise you through the process

  1. EMC Management and Strategy
  2. EMC Risk Assessment
  3. EMC Reviews
  4. EMC Testing (if required)
  5. Final EMC project documentation

Your legal obligations

It is a legal requirement that the railway and its equipment do not interfere with the correct operation of external radio communications and broadcast services.

Network Rail’s EMC Management Standard NR/L2/RSE/30041 is mandatory for all NR projects.

How we can help

We can create, or assist with, EMC Strategy and Control, EMC Risk Management and any subsequent EMC activities as and when required by a project.

Through our extensive experience in the rail industry we have found that the sooner EMC is considered in a project, the less the overall project cost for EMC is.

We have a particular specialisation in cable studies, in which the interference and electromagnetic coupling to victim cables running parallel to source cables are modelled and investigated. This is of specific interest to companies undertaking electrification projects.

Electromagnetic fields (EMF) studies, for effects of fields on human health, can also be considered.

Why use Eurofins York?

We have extensive experience and have gained a reputation for being able to react quickly and effectively to solve problems in projects, particularly where the EMC is completed under tight time and budgetary constraints.

We have specifically worked on many railway infrastructure project EMC risk reduction proposals and strategies.

If you have EMC in your project brief and you’re not sure what to do about it, or if you haven’t got it in your brief and you think it should be there, please contact our York office.