CE Marking is a legal requirement for most electronic products placed on the European market.

The European CE Marking process for electronic products involves a number of technical and administrative steps that need to be completed before your product is first placed on the market and maintained thereafter.

We can help you at every stage of this process to ensure that your electronic products get to market in the quickest and most cost effective manner.

Technical Compliance

You need to identify all of the applicable European (EU) CE marking Directives for your product and then provide evidence to show that your product is in conformity with their requirements.

Each directive has associated with it, a list of harmonised European standards (ENs) that provide Presumption of Conformity with the requirements of the relevant directive when correctly applied. Most manufacturers choose this route and at Eurofins York, we are able to help you through the European CE Marking process including testing at one of our three UKAS accredited laboratories No. 1574.

How we can help

  • Help you to confidently apply the CE Marking to a number of product variants, without necessarily testing all of them
  • Advise you on how best to achieve on-going compliance; making sure that the product that is currently being produced today is still representative of the one that was tested and first placed on the market

Administrative Compliance

The European CE marking process is not complete at the testing stage, you also need to compile and keep the Technical Documentation, draw up and sign a Declaration of Conformity (DoC); the legal statement that the product meets the requirements of the relevant directives.

How we can help

  • We provide online and face-to-face training courses
  • Guide you in drawing up your Technical Documentation and as a UK Approved Body/NI Notified Body under the UK EMC Regulations
  • Provide an independent, third-party assessment of your Technical Documentation

Ongoing Compliance

When your product is first placed on the market, it is the end of one phase of the regulatory process but the beginning of another. The requirements of the European CE marking Directives apply not just at the point that a product was first placed on the market, but all products of that type subsequently placed on the market.

To remain compliant you need to periodically check that

  • The directives and standards applicable to your product have not changed
  • The product itself has not changed

If this is not done you risk having non-compliant products with the potential detrimental effects on your business and brand reputation.

How we can help

  • Where a European directive or standard has changed, we can help you with a gap analysis. A gap analysis shows what has changed and provides you with an incremental test plan to address any gaps in the original testing
  • We can advise you on the changes necessary to your Technical Documentation and DoC to maintain your administrative compliance

Your product is not compliant if the technical requirements and/or the administrative requirements are not met. Eurofins York can help you achieve and maintain compliance and protect your brand reputation.

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