We can offer accredited testing to help you place your products on the Canadian market.

Intentional Radiator | EMC Testing

The Department of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED; formerly Industry Canada) is responsible for producing EMC standards whose requirements need to be met in order to place products on the Canadian market.  ICES-003, for example, covers the emission requirements for Information Technology Equipment (ITE) and other digital apparatus.

The requirements of ICES-003 are closely aligned with the ANSI C63.4 standard used to underpin the FCC rules for emissions of ITE. As for FCC, ICES-003 contains provisions for emissions only.

Eurofins York is able to provide testing to ICES-003 and, where manufacturers wish to place their products on both the US and Canadian markets, a test report that addresses the requirements of both regulatory authorities.

Unintentional Radiator | Radio Testing

In Canada the ISED requires both testing and certification of radio equipment using an appointed certification body.

Eurofins York provides the testing in support of ISED certification and our global Eurofins partners provide the required certification services to enable Canadian market access.

Electrical Safety Testing

We offer electrical safety testing for access to Canada through Met Labs’ Met Mark (including factory audits), or as part of the IECEE CB scheme with wider global reach.

Contact your local UKAS accredited Eurofins York laboratory for more details of how we can help you.

For more information on Met Lab Mark click here; for CB Scheme click here.

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For Information on additional services our global Eurofins partners can provide, contact your local Eurofins York laboratory.