Bespoke Training

Many organisations can benefit from bespoke training programmes and courses tailored specifically to their needs.

In addition to our comprehensive training schedule, our courses and workshops can be adapted or developed as a specialist solution to your organisation’s individual requirements.

These courses can be in many forms from one-day “Introductory” awareness activities through to programmes with several multi-day courses.

With over 25 years’ experience as a training provider, we are experts in developing tailored solutions. We can develop, adapt or modify any of our existing training courses to ensure your employees are provided with the level of training most appropriate to them.

Costs can be minimised by drawing on our extensive range of course modules involved in our standard courses or additionally we can prepare teaching materials directly addressing your specific brief.

We have extensive experience in working with organisations to develop new bespoke training covering a broad spectrum of topics from a design, test and/or regulatory perspective.

If you would like to start an initial discussion with our Training Team to see how we can help develop your training idea then please contact the York team on 0330 430 3456 or email

For examples of subjects presented and our clients visit our on-site training page here.