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The Use of GTEM Cells for EMC Measurements

York EMC Services Ltd and the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) undertook a project under the National Measurement System Policy Unit (NMSPU) policy to investigate the use of GTEM cells in EMC testing.

The aim of the project was to support UK industry by quantifying and reducing measurement uncertainties in the use of GTEM cells in EMC testing.

The project was divided into two parts

  • Investigation of reproducibility and uncertainties in the use of GTEM cells for EMC testing of products and the production of a Good Practice Guide
  • Study of emission and immunity measurements above 1GHz in GTEM cells.

The project findings are summarised in the Measurement Good Practice Guide Nº.65 “The use of GTEM cells for EMC Measurements” written by Nothofer, A, Alexander, M J, Bozec, D*, Marvin, A*, McCormack, L.

Download a PDF of the Guide here