YRS05 York Reference Source – 25 Hz to 6 GHz

It is the ideal reference source for verifying and validating conducted and radiated measurement systems and in the investigation and characterisation of measurement environments such as Fully- or Semi-Anechoic chambers, and Open Area Test Sites.

The YRS05 is one of Eurofins E&E UK’s latest line of noise and comb reference sources, building on more than 30 years of experience in producing quality signal reference sources for EMC test laboratories.

The YRS05 can generate output signals covering 25 Hz to 6 GHz and combines both noise and comb signal capabilities in a single device. The YRS05 is battery-powered for standalone operation without additional power cables and features dual 50 Ω N-type output connectors for direct connection to conducted measurement systems.

For conducted emissions test systems, the optional NIA02 is a direct-coupling adapter providing an IEC 320 inlet for single-phase LISNs and a selection of 4 mm connections for general-purpose test applications.

A configurable monopole antenna and a monocone antenna are also available, allowing the YRS05 to be used as a standalone reference radiating source in an electromagnetic test environment or radiated emission test system such as a Fully- or Semi-Anechoic Room.

The YRS05 is compact, with its small size and shape designed to produce a uniform radiated field.