Comb Generator Emitter CGE06 – 915 MHz to 40 GHz

The CGE06 40 GHz Comb Emitter Generator is a broadband reference comb source producing frequencies within the 915 MHz to 40 GHz range, with two step sizes selectable by the user. It is the ideal reference source for carrying out checks on fully- or semi-anechoic chambers and other E-field test environments.

The CGE06 is compact and can be run from a mains power adapter (supplied) or independently from the PPU01 battery pack to minimise the effect of cabling when characterising an electromagnetic environment.

The generator unit is housed in a metal enclosure so that it can be mounted in direct electrical contact with a ground plane, as may be required by some tests. The comb signal allows both the reference and noise floor signal levels to be viewed simultaneously, aiding dynamic range measurements.

The CGE06 is equipped with a 2.92 mm output connector to which an antenna can be fitted for generating radiating E-fields.

Key Features

  • 915 MHz to 40 GHz output – Applications across a broad spectrum
  • Stable output- Repeatable measurements
  • Selectable comb output frequency- Flexibility across a range of applications
  • Compact and portable- 56 x 17.5 x 72 mm
  • PPU01 battery or external power supply- No power cable effects using the PPU01- Continuous operation using an external power adapter