New Global Market Access Services from Eurofins York

Our new Global Market Access (GMA) Services allows you to access new and growing international markets, quickly, simply and cost-effectively.

If you’re looking to grow revenue, profits and your customer base, expanding your sales into new markets is key. There may be changes in market conditions or new regulations that will create a demand for your product in an existing market or you may have identified a unique opportunity for you to sell your product into new countries.

Accessing these new opportunities – what’s the problem?

If you’re selling your product into the UK or the wider EU market, you will have already gone through the process of CE marking and, depending on the technology that you’re using and the application for your product, undertaken testing in an accredited laboratory.

You will have created a Technical File and a Declaration of Conformity (if not, click here and we can help with that) and you will have all of the relevant test reports and information needed to show compliance with the appropriate directives and regulations.

You’ve now seen the potential for new customers in Brazil and you’d like to take advantage of these opportunities. The questions that you’re asking are:

  • How do I find out what standards, regulations and certifications does the product needs to comply with?
  • Does my product meet the requirements for these countries?
  • Will additional testing will need to be carried out and can it be done here in the UK or does it need to be done locally?
  • If it needs local testing (in-country testing) how do I find a suitable lab and get the testing done?
  • How do I go about submitting an application for certification to the relevant authorities?

All of these are valid questions and the more countries that you want to access, the more complex the process becomes. There will be different product certification requirements for each and you’ll need to work with a range of certification bodies, local representatives and testing requirements before you can access these new opportunities.

Another example could be that you’re looking to add some form of wireless communication (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth etc) to an existing product that you are already selling into China. By adding wireless capability, you’ve changed the functionality of the product and it now requires new testing, certification and approval before it can be sold.

Navigating these complex requirements can be time-consuming and it can often be difficult to identify the requirements for each market, find a suitable testing laboratory and to liaise with local regulatory bodies.

How Eurofins York can help you

Our Global Market Access (GMA) service takes away the burden of understanding what is needed for your chosen countries and gives you a single point of contact for testing, approval and certifications, reducing business risk and increasing opportunities for you to expand and grow your international markets.

We’ll work with you throughout the process, ensuring that your product is tested, certified and approved to whatever regulations or standards are needed to allow you to sell into that market.

We’ll review the requirements for each country, identifying what are the technical requirements and whether any additional testing is needed. Where testing is needed, we can undertake that either in one of our accredited laboratories in the UK, through our global network of Eurofins laboratories or with one of our testing partners.

We’ll work with the relevant local bodies to obtain the certification or approval needed for you to place the product onto the market and we’ll ensure that this all happens quickly, smoothly and cost-effectively.

Get your products into new markets on-time and on-budget with our new GMA service.

What to do next

We’d love to help you explore new markets and opportunities. To find out how our new services can help you achieve this, contact our GMA team on 0330 430 3456 or email and we will be delighted to help.