Are you ready for the changes to EN 50121?

The new sections of EN 50121 which target apparatus (including rolling stock) are now listed in the Official Journal of the European Union.  

For the new parts of the standards, apparatus which has been tested to the 2006 version will cease to have a presumption of conformity from the 30th November 2018 – less than 4 months’ time – and will need assessment against the new version prior to updating its Declaration of Conformity.

Although the scope of the new parts of EN 50121 remains the same, there are a number of detailed technical requirements that may be different enough to raise questions for apparatus conforming to the previous 2006 versions.

Which parts of the standards are affected?

The Official Journal lists the new versions of the sections of standards, or whole standards where applicable, alongside the superseded standards.

As a quick reference, below is the information that is relevant to EN 50121:

Standard First Publication (OJ) Reference of superseded standard Date of cessation of presumption of conformity of superseded standard
EN 50121-3-1:2017 Railway applications — Electromagnetic compatibility — Part 3-1: Rolling stock — Train and complete vehicle This is the first publication EN 50121-3-1:2006
EN 50121-3-1:2006/ AC:2008
EN 50121-3-2:2016 Railway applications — Electromagnetic compatibility — Part 3-2: Rolling stock — Apparatus This is the first publication EN 50121-3-2:2006
EN 50121-3-2:2006/ AC:2008
EN 50121-4:2016 Railway applications — Electromagnetic compatibility — Part 4: Emission and immunity of the signalling and telecommunications apparatus This is the first publication EN 50121-4:2006
EN 50121-4:2006/ AC:2008
EN 50121-5:2017 Railway applications — Electromagnetic compatibility — Part 5: Emission and immunity of fixed power supply installations and apparatus This is the first publication EN 50121-5:2006
EN 50121-5:2006/ AC:2008

The full version of the Official Journal can be downloaded using this link:

The sections specific to EN 50121 can be found on page 4.

How can Eurofins York help you?

If you would like to discuss the changes to EN 50121, how they may impact upon any existing apparatus that you have or would like to understand more about how the changes to the standards can be best managed within your organisation, contact our Expert Services department and we will be pleased to help.

We’ll also be happy to discuss any railway EMC projects where you may need help, advice or guidance.

Aimi Slater, the Project Coordinator within Expert Services, will be on hand to handle your enquiry. Call us on 0330 340 3456 or click here to use our contact form.

Did you know we do training that is specific to EMC within the rail industry?

As part of the services that we offer within the rail industry, we provide a range of training courses that cover the Essentials of Railway EMC as well as the more in-depth Fundamentals of Railway EMC.

These courses are designed to specifically address the issues surrounding EMC in the rail industry and feature a wide range of practical examples, solutions to common problems and access to recognised industry experts.

The current dates that we have planned for 2018 are

Essentials of Railway EMC 3rd October 2018 York Read More
Fundamentals of Railway EMC 12th – 16th November 2018 York Read More
Bespoke Railway EMC Training Read More

Essentials of Railway EMC

This one day course provides an introduction to the essential aspects of EMC in rail projects and is applicable to

  • Infrastructure projects such as electrification, signalling, lineside cabling renewal, or power upgrades
  • Apparatus intended for use in the external rail environment or on board rolling stock
  • Rolling stock renewals and/or significant upgrades to rolling stock itself.

This course is an excellent platform on which to build further training.

Click here to book your place or to find out more.

Fundamentals of EMC in Railways

This 5-day course delivers an in-depth study of EMC in the complex railway environment. It provides an understanding of its importance and the need to manage EMC from project concept to completion.

It is illegal to sell or operate electronic equipment or systems that are not compliant with the EMC Directive within the European Economic Area. In the rail environment, additional regulations are also laid down by companies such as Network Rail, Crossrail and London Underground.

Topics covered in this course help you to understand and manage the railway electromagnetic environment. The legal EMC requirements will be explained and how these are satisfied by use of standards and Technical Documentation; these requirements are related to safety and safety case requirements.

Click here to book your place or to find out more.

Bespoke Rail EMC Training

In addition to our scheduled courses, we also offer bespoke training solutions for the rail industry at our premises or a location of your choice.

The Rail EMC environment is both diverse and complex with its own set of challenges not seen in other industries.

Eurofins York Engineers are specialists in Rail EMC, having worked in the industry for over 20 years providing testing, training and expert services. Due to this wealth of experience, we are able to offer specialist, tailored training to help the rail industry achieve and maintain EMC regulatory compliance.

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