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Test Equipment

EMC Test Verification Equipment

Our range of Reference Noise and Signal Sources are used to verify test and measurement set ups and ensure the validity of test results. We can also develop an Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) instrument for your particular needs through our design/development service.

We have a worldwide network of distributors providing local customer support for sales and after-sales service.

Our comb and noise sources

York Reference Source YRS01 with battery pack BP01

YRS Combined Comb and Noise Sources

Continuous noise and comb output from 9 kHz to 6 GHz (model dependent)

CNE Noise Emitters

Continuous noise output from 30 Hz up to 6 GHz (model dependent)

CGE01R + BP01 switch

CGE Comb Sources

Comb output frequencies from 50 MHz to 40 GHz (model dependent) in a compact round housing.



HFG Harmonics and Flicker Generators

Harmonics and Flicker Generators for verifying harmonic and flicker test equipment.

Other products

ARA01 + DAE01 elements

Active Receive Antenna 01

The Active Receive Antenna (ARA 01) is a compact emissions antenna with an antenna factor…

Cable Coupling Clamp CCC01

Cable Coupling Clamp 01

The Cable Coupling Clamp (CCC01) is a reusable test jig for the purpose of measuring the…

Our Test Instrumentation activities are approved to ISO 9001.


A wholly owned subsidiary of the University of York, we have been successfully delivering EMC training courses, designing and selling test instrumentation for over 20 years.

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