EMC for Military (4 Days)

An understanding of EMC is key for the reliable operation of electrical/electronics equipment and systems in the military environment, in particular when using commercial equipment that may require adaptation for military use. It is also essential to understand what exactly is happening during product acceptance and testing so that any possible risks or gaps can be closed out.

Course Structure

  • Four days with a mixture of lectures, presentations, interactive workshops and demonstrations
  • Specific sessions on Military EMC standards (including DEFSTAN 59-411 and MIL 461), the Military EMC Environment and Military EMC testing.
  • One day of practical demonstrations at our UKAS accredited Test Laboratory to illustrate the commonly required EMC tests described in the EN 61000-4-x series of standards such as; conducted emissions, radiated emissions, conducted immunity and radiated immunity

Applying the knowledge and understanding from this course will improve the management of EMC, minimise the risk of unforeseen problems and project/production delays in equipment manufacture thus reducing business risk.

Note: The course is also available for those working in product design or in the rail industry