Eurofins E&E UK expands its electrical safety testing and certification capabilities with the acquisition of Nemko UK Ltd.

Eurofins E&E UK is pleased to announce the acquisition of NEMKO UK Ltd by Eurofins Scientific. NEMKO UK Ltd is a privately-owned UK-based laboratory that operates under a cooperation agreement with the NEMKO Group.

Nemko UK provides a wide range of safety testing and certification services, focusing on consumer and industrial products, and is recognised as a market leader in the testing, certification and approval of household appliances, lighting and plugs and sockets for global markets.  The laboratory is a long-standing CBTL with an extensive scope and adds Energy Star and Impact Protection (IK) services to the UK portfolio for the first time.

Its activities perfectly complement those of the existing Eurofins E&E UK group, and this acquisition adds significant capacity and capability extensions to our ability to meet manufacturers’ product safety testing and global market access needs.

Nemko UK is the fifth organisation to join the Eurofins E&E UK network of companies since its formation four years ago, joining Eurofins York,Ltd, Eurofins E&E Hursley Ltd, Eurofins E&E ETC Ltd and Eurofins E&E CML Ltd.  The acquisition of NEMKO UK builds on existing partnership arrangements with Eurofins Hursley for EMC testing and Eurofins North America for MET NRTL certification.

With the addition of Nemko UK, the E&E UK network of companies now has eight locations across the UK, providing customers with easy access to not only the services provided locally by each laboratory but also to those from the other E&E UK locations, the international and extensive E&E network and ultimately the entire global network of Eurofins companies.

The addition of Nemko UK to the existing E&E UK network of companies further reinforces the Eurofins Group as a market leader in the provision of testing, certification and compliance services to electrical and electronic product manufacturers, retailers, importers and distributors of all sizes.

The Eurofins E&E network of companies is also expanding its capabilities worldwide and is fully committed to working with international clients worldwide on their compliance journey via the extensive network of E&E laboratories in Europe, North America and Asia.


With 12 staff and a focus on consumer and industrial products, Nemko UK is a UK-based privately owned laboratory that operates with a cooperation agreement with the Nemko Group and specialises in providing safety testing and certification services for leading global technology manufacturers.

Nemko UK has an extensive range of certifications and accreditations that allows it to deliver industry-leading services.

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