[Webinar] BREXIT Update September 2020 – The UKCA Mark & CE Marking

In this webinar, we'll cover the changes to product compliance marking for the GB market as well as looking at how the UK's exit from the EU changes the landscape for anyone importing products and placing them onto the GB, NI and EU markets.

Please note that due to the changes announced by the UK Government on the 24th August and the subsequent 12-month extension in to the period during which CE marking is will be accepted on the GB market, this video is no longer available.

We will be release a new version of the webinar shortly. To stay up to date and to be informed when the webinar is ready, please download our UKCA guide.


Our Webinar has been updated (25th December 2020) to reflect any changes in guidance and legislation. Please click the button below to view the new webinar.

The information published by BEIS on the 1st September 2020 replaces the previous guidance (which was withdrawn earlier in the year) and provides details of how the UKCA Mark and the CE Mark should be used when placing products onto these three markets (Great Britain, Northern Ireland and the EU).

Ensure that you are up-to-date with these changes and that you understand the timelines,  your responsibilities and the actions you will need to take as we move towards the key dates given in the guidance.

Join the Eurofins E&E team on the 16th September at 2 pm as we explain the key changes and what you should do to ensure that your products continue to be compliant with the needs of your key markets.

We’ll have time at the end of the webinar for a Q&A session so come prepared and bring along your questions for our presenters to answer!