Eurofins SAFER@WORK™ – Helping you create a COVID-SAFE Environment

The SAFER@WORK programme from Eurofins helps organisations deliver a COVID-SAFE environment for customers and employees with a range of testing and analytical solutions.

As businesses and organisations across the rail industry focus on re-opening and as customers start to use transport more frequently, being able to deliver a COVID-SAFE environment for all is essential.

The SAFER@WORK programme from Eurofins helps deliver a safe and secure environment for employees and customers alike. SAFER@WORK has been developed to provide an essential range of services and programmes that can help organisations meet these goals.

As part of the SAFER@WORK programme, Eurofins can offer 3 distinct laboratory tests which can be deployed as part of on-going risk assessments and which can help towards being COVID-SAFE:

  • Test for the presence of the virus on surfaces – for example in stations, on ticket machines, in public waiting areas and on public transport – Swab test your surfaces and then securely return the swabs for analysis
  • Test for the presence of the virus (antigen test)
  • Test for the presence of antibodies to the virus

Nick Wainwright, Managing Director of Eurofins E&E Product Testing UK comments:

“The Eurofins SAFER@WORK initiative is designed to help businesses limit the impact of COVID-19 and keep their staff and customers as safe as possible in the workplace. It combines workplace surface testing that can be an early indicator of virus presence together with risk-based clinical testing, as well as relevant consultative, audit, and assurance services. SAFER@WORK supports a wide range of customers and any employer who needs to mitigate the COVID-19 risk.”

Surface Swab Testing for public areas and exposed surfaces

Within the rail sector, the extensive range of contact points that customers and staff may engage with throughout the day means that on-going cleansing and testing of surfaces will become the norm for the foreseeable future.

Surface Swab Testing, part of the SAFER@WORK programme, gives organisations a secure and reliable method to carry out surface testing of exposed areas using a simple process.

Surfaces are swiped with pre-packaged swabs which are returned for analysis using the secure packaging provided. Once received by the accredited Eurofins laboratory, the swabs are analysed, typically within 4 days*1, for the presence of coronavirus and the specific SARS-CoV-2 virus.

As a key part of an on-going testing and monitoring regime, this new service can help you work towards delivering a COVID-SAFE environment for your customers and staff alike.


Eurofins, a world leader in laboratory testing to the clinical diagnostics, forensic, pharmaceutical, food, environmental and agriscience industries has developed the SAFER@WORK programme which is designed to help you to set up advanced risk management protocols to contribute to limiting the impact of COVID-19 on your workplace.

By combining workplace surfaces and wastewater testing together with risk-based clinical testing, as well as relevant consultative, audit, and assurance services, Eurofins SAFER@WORK programmes provide you with a range of that you can call upon to ensure that your employees, customers and workspaces are safe and stay safe.