Eurofins IT Disruption – Update 19th June 2019

** Update 19th June 2019 **

Following on from the recent distruption to our IT services referenced below, we are pleased to inform all of our customers that we are fully operational and that all of our systems are operating as expected.

The investigations conducted so far by our internal and external IT forensics experts have not found evidence of any unauthorised theft or transfer of confidential client data. The security of our client data and of all our IT systems is of the utmost importance to Eurofins and Eurofins companies remain committed to making significant investments in the continuous improvement of the security of their IT systems.

A press release has been published by Eurofins which details the actions taken and the mitigation measures that were put in place across the wider Eurofins group. This press release can be found here.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me and I will be pleased to help.

James Tingay
Group Marketing Mangaer
Eurofins E&E Product Testing UK



Over the weekend of 2nd June Eurofins IT security monitoring teams detected a form of ransomware which has caused disruption to some IT systems.

Together with our external and internal IT security and operations experts, we have taken immediate actions to mitigate the impact and our IT teams are working hard to return all our IT operations to normal. As part of our incident management procedures, it has been necessary to take some servers offline, especially to avoid spreading of the incident and although our IT teams are working nonstop to restore operations, some Eurofins companies are still experiencing disruption to some of their systems.

According to current investigations, there is no reason to believe that there has been third party access to or misuse of any data.

Despite this disruption, all of the Eurofins York laboratories (Grangemouth, Castleford and Bristol) are open and operating normally with our full range of testing, certification and compliance services available to both new and existing customers.

There is currently some interruption in our email service and therefore we would recommend that you call our laboratories directly and the staff will be able to help you. If you have sent an email to any of the labs or any of the technical staff, you may find a delay in a response so we would recommend that you call the relevant laboratory using the numbers below.

The contact details for our laboratories are:

  • Eurofins York Castleford – 01977 731173
  • Eurofins York Grangemouth – 01324 469000
  • Eurofins York Bristol – 01454 326998

For any other enquiries, please contact our York office on 0330 430 3456 or email