EMC Compliance for the Rail Industry

Eurofins York is an established market leader for the provision of Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) services to the railway industry, offering regulatory guidance, compliance management, testing, research and training.

We have many years’ experience and expertise alongside a solid track record of demonstrating EMC for major railway projects in the UK and worldwide.

EMC in the Railway Industry

EMC is a significant concern within the railway industry. Failures in compatibility within and between systems such as signalling, traction, control and communications can introduce unreliability and compromise the safety of passengers and staff.

Our Expertise

Our in-depth knowledge and experience enables us to provide a wide range of services to demonstrate EMC and compliance for both fixed installations and apparatus:

  • EMC project management; EMC strategy documents, EMC management and control plans, whole project EMC guidance
  • EM hazard identification; desk-based studies and on-site inspection
  • EMC design reviews including cabling, layouts and zoning
  • EMC technical documentation preparation including compliance reports & checklists
  • Computational modelling (lineside induction & EM fields)
  • Bespoke measurements
  • EMC/EMF site surveys
  • On-site EMC testing
  • Research and development

One of our real strengths is our capability to apply our expertise to identifying existing and future EMC problems. We have many years’ experience of devising diagnostic test methods, defining computational models and providing cost-effective solutions to enable the problem to be both solved and understood more clearly.

Our experience also allows us to avoid many compliance-related issues.

Services to the Rail Industry

Eurofins York provides comprehensive support to the Railway industry, covering: compliance and regulatory issues, EMC Project Management, Network Rail/London Underground specific requirements, on-site and laboratory testing as well as hazard identification and risk assessment, theoretical and computational assessments and problem solving. We can also provide an EMC CRE.

Our capabilities and breadth of experience encompass:

Rolling stock

  • On-site testing whole vehicles to EN50121-3-1
  • UKAS accredited laboratory testing of sub-systems to EN50121-3-2
  • Preparing technical documentation and EMC aspects of safety cases
  • Axle counter measurements
  • Signalling Compatibility
  • Preparing EMC management plans and compliance reports
  • HAZID/Risk Assessments
  • Laboratory accredited testing to EN50121-4
  • On-site pre and post-installation EM site surveys
  • Studies & TestingFixed installation EMC documentation compilation

Power Supply/Sub-stations

  • Pre and post-installation on-site testing to EN50121-2
  • Equipment testing to EN50121-5
  • EMC management plans and compliance reports
  • Modelling for EMC and EMF


  • ‘Whole Line’ EM site surveys
  • Stray current measurement
  • Longitudinal and transverse voltage measurements
  • Whole depot and station EMC
  • Measurements during short-circuit events


  • “Fundamentals of EMC in Railways” five-day course
  • One-day “Essentials of Railway EMC” course
  • Bespoke in-house EMC courses tailored to your specific needs and requirements

How Eurofins York can help you

Our extensive experience and comprehensive range of service allow us to provide you with a complete solution to EMC compliance and management within your environment.
If you have any on-going or new projects, we would be pleased to discuss these with you and to provide you with a detailed proposal that will help you meet your EMC compliance obligations.