Military EMC Training – Fundamentals of Military EMC

Eurofins York is pleased to introduce a new Fundamentals of EMC training course that is aimed at those working in Military environments.

This new training course provides delegates with the essential information and skills needed to meet the challenges of EMC in a Military environment.

Fundamentals of EMC for Military sits alongside our successful Fundamentals of EMC in Rail and Fundamentals of EMC for Products training courses and offers engineers and managers using or specifying commercial equipment for military applications a unique opportunity to learn more about how to meet the demands of EMC in this challenging environment.

The course contains appropriate sections from the established Fundamentals courses but adds specialised modules and sessions that cover Military EMC standards, the Military EMC Environment and Military EMC testing.

The course content makes it ideal for

  • Engineers using or specifying commercial equipment in the military environment
  • Engineers concerned with EMC approvals and assurance within a military environment
  • Engineers and manufacturers who make apparatus to be used for military applications
  • Engineers and managers wishing to learn how the EMC is controlled throughout a project
  • Engineers and manufacturers who need to understand Military EMC standards, the Military EMC Environment and Military EMC testing

If you are working to standards such as DEFSTAN 94-41 and DEFSTAN 59-411 or MIL 461 and need to ensure EMC compliance, this is the training course for you.

To find out more or to book your place on this new course, click here.

Please note that due to demand, spaces are limited so click here to book your space now or call us on 0330 430 3456.