Eurofins York extends its CB Scheme Accreditation to IEC 61010-2-101:2015

Eurofins York is pleased to announce that its accreditation under the CB Scheme now includes IEC 61010-2-101:2015 for In Vitro Diagnostic equipment.

This expansion to the existing CB accreditation held by Eurofins York (formerly York EMC Services) now allows us to offer CB Scheme testing for In Vitro Diagnostic equipment which falls under the scope of IEC 61010-2-101:2015.

Eurofins York is a CB Test Laboratory (CBTL) for the safety testing of electrical and electronic components, equipment and products, and operates within the IECEE CB Scheme. Through the CB Scheme, we can offer our customers a simple, straightforward route to accessing global markets through local testing as well as through our network of Eurofins partner laboratories.

EN 61010-2-101:2017 & BS EN 61010-2-101:2017 are equivalent to IEC 61010-2-101:2015.

What is the CB Certification Scheme?

The IECEE CB Scheme is a multilateral agreement and certification system that uses international harmonised standards and a mutual recognition agreement between Certification Bodies.

The CB Scheme reduces the need for duplicate testing, saving both time and money since it is in operation in more than 50 countries. Under the CB Scheme, a manufacturer can use a CB Test Report and CB Test Certificate to apply for National Certification in the member countries, keeping the benefits of dealing with a local laboratory whilst drawing on global market access.

How can the CB Scheme help you access markets more easily?

Using the CB Scheme, a manufacturer can use a CB Test Report and CB Test Certificate to apply for National Certification in the member countries, removing the need for duplicate testing, saving both time and money. The CB Scheme also provides a means to access countries that do not participate in the CB Scheme, but who nevertheless recognise the CB Certificate as evidence of compliance.

As Eurofins York operates as an IECEE CB Scheme test Laboratory (CBTL), we can produce the CB Test Reports and CB Test Certificates which can then be used to apply for the appropriate National Certification in the desired country.

Alongside this, Eurofins York can also provide a route to markets in North America and Canada through MET Labs certification.

Access the North American & Canadian markets with Eurofins York & MET Labs

MET Laboratories, now part of Eurofins, is well known for providing responsive technical support and customer service with a fast turn-around time and is your ideal partner for NRTL Certification.

Eurofins York can provide you with access to the MET Mark for North America and Canada, whether you are new to the regions’ certification processes or currently using another NRTL.  If you are currently using another NRTL, please get in touch and we can provide details of switching to MET Labs for your NRTL certification needs.

Upon completion of a CB Scheme application and issue of a CB Certificate, Eurofins can provide you with a cost-effective and timely route to obtain the MET Labs Mark. The process requires submission of the CB report and certificate along with MET Labs application documents to facilitate the process, without the need for the submission of an actual sample.

Upon completion of a successful application the product will be certified and able to carry the MET Labs Mark providing access to the North American and Canadian marketplaces.

If you would like more information about our CB Scheme accreditation or how you can switch to MET Labs for your NRTL certification needs, please contact us.