Access the North American and Canadian markets with Eurofins York Ltd & MET Labs

Switch to MET Labs for a responsive, customer focused compliance and certification service - now available through Eurofins York

MET Laboratories, now part of the Eurofins network of E&E laboratories, is well know for providing responsive technical support and customer service with a fast turn-around time.

As part of Eurofins E&E, Eurofins York Ltd can provide you with access to the MET Mark for North America and Canada, whether you are new to the regions’ certification processes or currently using another NRTL.

Converting to MET Labs is easy

If you are not fully satisfied with your current NRTL, why not consider switching? It’s easy and may well save you both time and money through a reduction in the number of factory audits MET labs require.

Switching is a simple 1-2-3 process and will be handled through Eurofins York:

  1. Provide Eurofins York Ltd with your current NRTL reports and a signed MET Certification Agreement.
  2. Initial MET Inspection to review current factory(ies) and production and intended MET Marking.
  3. MET Certification including Report and Certificate Issued with Authorisation to Mark.

What is an NRTL?

An NRTL is a Nationally Recognised Test Laboratory appointed by the US department of labour’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). The role of an NRTL is to ensure that only electrically safe products are placed on the North American Market through a combination of compliance testing, certification and factory audits.

NRTLs are independent laboratories and as such when they certify a product a certification mark is able to be placed on a product; for MET laboratories, the Met Mark.

For more information about switching to MET Labs for your NRTL certification needs, please contact us.