YES PhD Student Wins Two Coveted Prizes at International Exhibitions

We are delighted to announce that Sarah Parker, PhD student at the Department of Electronics, University of York, who is sponsored by York EMC Services’, has had a string of success at international EMC events this summer/autumn having won two prestigious prizes.

Bursary for Best Student Research Paper, IEEE, Ottawa

  • IEEE International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility, Ottawa, Canada, July 2016
  • Sarah’s paper was entitled Changes in a Printed Circuit Board’s Absorption Cross Section Due to Proximity to Walls in a Reverberant Environment
  • Authors; Sarah Parker+, Ian Flintoft*, Andy Marvin+, John Dawson*, Simon Bale*, Martin Robinson*, Ming Ye§, Changyong Wan^, Mengze Zhang^

Best Student Paper Award, EMC Europe, Wroclaw

  • EMC Europe in Wroclaw, Poland, September 2016
  • Sarah’s paper was entitled Predicting Shielding Effectiveness of Populated Enclosures Using Absorption Cross Section of PCBs
  • Authors; Sarah L. Parker+, Ian D. Flintoft*, Andy C. Marvin+, John F. Dawson*, Simon J. Bale*, Martin P. Robinson*, Ming Ye§, Changyong Wan^, Mengze Zhang^
EMC Europe 2016 prize winner

York EMC Services Board members Prof. Andy Marvin and Nick Wainwright also presented papers at the above conferences.

+ York EMC Services and Department of Electronics, University of York, UK

* Department of Electronics, University of York, UK

§ Huawei Technologies AB, Sweden

^Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd, Schenzhen, P. R China