Bespoke and In-House Training Courses

We aim to offer a wide range of training courses that cover many aspects of EMC and EMF as well as specific standards and regulations such as the Radio Equipment Directive and the Low Voltage Directive.

However, we understand that what may suit our customers best is a bespoke or in-house training course that has been tailored to meet identified training needs or that has been written to cover a specific market, product or application.

Drawing upon both existing as well as newly created training materials, we can tailor the content, duration and technical level of a bespoke or in-house training course to

  • Ensure the training is right for the audience
  • Deliver effective training that gives the audience actionable and meaningful information
  • Provide value for money to you, our customer

If you would like to find out more about bespoke or in-house training, please let us know some details and we will get back in touch to discuss how we can best help you.

To discuss bespoke or in-house training, please call our Expert Services team on 0330 340 3456, email or use this form to tell us about your requirements.