Understanding Electromagnetics

Electromagnetics (EM) is the underpinning physics that defines all electronic engineering. It is traditionally thought of as difficult and the mathematical approach traditionally taken can be off-putting. For these reasons it is given less attention in many modern undergraduate degree courses.

This two day training course is designed to take the mystery out of the subject by presenting it in an applications oriented manner, with explanations through word, pictures and through experiments supported by the maths where necessary.

The attendees will acquire a good basic background in engineering electromagnetics and will be well placed to further their knowledge in this field. It is ideal electromagnetics training for EMC engineers or those wishing to become EMC engineers.

The course comprises a basic introduction to electromagnetics which can inform other studies on topics such as antennas, propagation, EMC and related areas. It also serves as an introduction to studies of electromagnetic numerical modelling.

This course is available on request as an in-house course at your premises or at Eurofins York. Please contact us for more information.

CPD hours | 12

Course Leader | Rob Armstrong

There are currently no dates scheduled for this course. Please contact us if you wish to express an interest.