EMC Design

This two day course provides a general introduction to aspects of design associated with product EMC, helping you to adopt good EMC design principles in your workplace.

The EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) Directive states that equipment should be designed and manufactured with EMC in mind.

Equipment built without any consideration for EMC during the design phase is far more likely to fail compliance tests

  • At a late stage of the product development process the options for controlling EMC problems may be restricted and costly
  • By contrast, employing good EMC Design principles at the start helps to prevent EMC problems arising in the first place, reducing time to market, development and product costs thus significantly reducing business risk

Bookings for this course can be made up to 7 days prior to the course start date. For bookings made closer to the start date, please call us for availability.

CPD hours | 13





1st October 2019
2 days
Eurofins York, Castleford
£995.00 (ex VAT)