Declaration of Conformity

As a market leader for the provision of testing and compliance services we can check and advise on you the status of your Declarations of Conformity (DoC) for CE certification.

A DoC is a legally binding document in which the manufacturer (or importer if the manufacturer is outside the EU) declares that the product meets the essential requirements of the applicable directives. All products placed on the European market must be supported by a valid Declaration of Conformity (DoC) as this is a legal obligation as part of the administrative requirements of directives.

Market Surveillance across the EU has shown that administrative compliance levels are low in many industry sectors, with non-existent or invalid DoC being a significant factor.  This means that many manufacturers are risking damage to their brand reputation and consumer confidence.

DoC health check

As part of this service, we will check to ensure that your Declaration of Conformity (DoC) for CE certification contains the essential information required and whether that information is still up to date, for example references to directives and standards. We will also work with you to ensure that the product information reflects the current status of the products that are covered by the DoC.

Should Trading Standards, or a customer, suspect that a DoC is invalid this may lead to a wider investigation of a product’s compliance with potential harm to the business.

Contents of a Declaration of Conformity include

  • Which directives are applicable to this particular product
  • Name of the manufacturer
  • Any European representative of the manufacturer
  • List any EN harmonised standards used
  • Signed and dated by a person who is empowered to make the declaration

A manufacturer should regularly review their CE certification DoCs as changes to standards or changes to the product can invalidate a Declaration of Conformity.

If you require a whole documentation chain Product Compliance Health check or are interested in our documentation training course please contact our York office.