York Reference Source 03

The York Reference Source (YRS03) is a multi-mode, broadband noise and comb source that is capable of producing a continuous noise output or a comb of frequencies within the 10 MHz to 6 GHz range, with the step size being selected by the user.

This noise generator enables observation of details over the full spectral range, while the comb generator allows for the reference signal output and noise floor to be viewed simultaneously, and the frequency accuracy of measurement of equipment to be checked.

The YRS03 is a compact and battery powered, allowing operation as an electrically small source, which minimises the effect of the YRS03 itself when characterising the electromagnetic environment. The YRS03 is housed in a metal enclosure so that it can be mounted in direct contact with a metal ground plane as may be required by some tests.

The YRS03 is supplied with a 50 Ω N-type output connector for direct connection to conducted measurement systems. For radiated operation, antennas can be attached to the unit’s output connector.

Three antennas, one monocone and two monopole optimised for different frequency bands, are available.

The YRS03 is an ideal source for carrying out checks on Open Area Test Sites (OATS) and fully- or semi-anechoic chambers.

Key Features

  • Selectable noise or comb output
  • Stable output
  • 10 MHz to 6 GHz output
  • Conducted and radiated options
  • Compact and portable
  • Battery powered