Comb Generator Emitter CGE01 – 100 MHz to 18 GHz

Please contact Eurofins York for details of new CGE reference generators.

The Comb Generator Emitter 01 (CGE01) is a compact, battery-powered, reference signal source that generates a broadband radiated and/or conducted output up to 18 GHz. When used as a verification reference source, the known output allows unknowns within systems or components to be measured or calculated. The compact size allows small enclosures to be evaluated when used as a reference source for shielding effectiveness measurements.

The CGE01 can be supplied with a 50 Ω SMA output connector (CGE01C_100) for direct connection to conducted test systems, or to an external antenna in order to generate test fields for evaluating radiated emission test systems. Alternatively, to achieve the best repeatability and compactness for purely radiated applications, the CGE01 can be supplied with an integrated antenna (CGE01R_100).

Key Features

  • Stable Output
  • Conducted and radiated options
  • 100 MHz to 18 GHz output
  • 100 MHz step size
  • Compact and Portable