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Introduction to EMC

Module 1 | Introduction to EMC

This E-Learning module provides an introduction to EMC, beginning with covering the background behind electromagnetic sources and the overall electromagnetic environment. The basics of Emissions and Immunity are also covered, along with an overview of the coupling mechanisms.  

This module is intended to help anyone who may have just come across EMC in their work, anyone with a passing interest, or anyone needing a basic refresher in the subject.


Summary of Module Content

  • What is EMC?
  • Sources of electromagnetic disturbances
  • The changing EM environment
  • Types of emissions
  • Types of immunity
  • Coupling mechanisms
  • Practical examples
  • FAQs

Who should attend?

  • Anyone with an interest or desire to learn the basic premise of EMC.
  • Designers looking to boost immunity or reduce emissions.
  • Economic Operators (Manufacturers, Authorised representatives, Importers and Distributors) wanting further information on EMC.
  • Technical and compliance staff involved either directly or indirectly with regulatory compliance and EMC as part of product approval.


Introduction to EMC
Length: 70 minutes
Cost: GBP 100 (excluding VAT)




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