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CGE Comb Generator Emitters

CGE Comb Generator Emitters

Comb Generator Emitters (CGEs) are designed and manufactured by York EMC Services and sold Globally for the verification of test and measurement setups and to ensure validity of EMC and RF laboratory tests.

These reference signal source generate a broadband radiated and/or conducted output up to 40 GHz. When used as a verification reference source, the known output allows unknowns within systems or components to be measured or calculated.

CGE Features

  • Stable output; repeatable measurements over time
  • Conducted and radiated options; evaluation of both conducted and radiated systems
  • 50 MHz to 40 GHz output (model dependent); applications across a broad frequency spectrum
  • Compact and portable; comparisons between sites & environments
  • Shielding effectiveness measurements; suitable for small enclosures
  • Battery powered; no power or interconnecting cables affecting measurements

Available in 3 models

CGE01R + BP01 switch


Comb output frequencies from 50 MHz to 18 GHz in a compact round housing.

Image shown is of a CGE01R with Battery Pack BP01

CGE02C + BP01 switch side


Comb output frequencies from 250 MHz to 26 GHz in a compact round housing.

Image shown is of a CGE02C with Battery Pack BP01

CGE03C + BP01 switch side


Comb output frequencies from 900 MHz to 40 GHz in a compact round housing.

Image shown is of a CGE03C with Battery Pack BP01


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