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Comparison Noise Emitter V

CNEV with TLM01 antenna

The image shown is of a CNEV with a TLM01 monopole antenna




  • Continuous broadband output
  • Stable output
  • 30 Hz to 1 GHz output
  • Compact and portable
  • Battery powered
  • Low cost


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CNE V Product Information

Test Instrumentation Range Brochure


The Comparison Noise Emitter V (CNE V) is a low-cost broadband noise source providing a continuous output from 9kHz to 1GHz. The stable output allows the CNE V to be used as a general-purpose reference source for characterising and verifying both conducted and radiated test environments.

The broadband nature of the output enables the observation of details within the spectrum that would be missed when using a comb generator, whilst the power output level of the unit avoids the overloads possible with impulsive noise sources that may cause damage to the sensitive input circuits of receiving equipment.

The CNE V is supplied with a 50 Ω BNC-type output connector for direct connection to conducted measurement systems. An IEC 320 adapter is also available to provide a connection to LISN equipment, as well as an RJ11/RJ14/ RJ25/RJ45 adapter for connection to telecoms ISNs.

The CNE V can also be connected to an antenna, to generate reference fields for use with radiated emissions test environments such as Open Area Test Sites and anechoic chambers. A selection of antennas that connect directly to the CNE V for this purpose is available. The CNE V is compact and battery powered to allow operation as an electrically small source at lower frequencies, thereby minimising the effect of the CNE V structure when being used as a radiating reference.


Continuous, broadband output•  Full spectrum measurements and analysis
Stable output•  Repeatable measurements
Conducted and radiated options•  Evaluation of both conducted and radiated systems
9kHz to 1GHz output•  Applications across a broad frequency spectrum
Compact and portable•  Comparisons between sites and environments
Battery powered•  No power or interconnecting cables affecting measurements
Low cost•  Affordable confidence in measurement system results


  • Conducted measurement systems validation and verification
  • Radiated measurement systems validation and verification
  • Reference source for:
    • Daily pre-test verification checks as required by Quality Management Systems e.g. ISO 17025, DEF STAN 59-411
    • Long-term performance monitoring
    • Spectrum analyser / receiver pre-checks
  • Investigation of screened room/anechoic room/OATS behaviour
  • Comparisons between different measurement environments e.g. OATS or anechoic chambers
  • Characterisation of filter performance
  • Cable loss measurements
  • Inter-laboratory test programs
  • Proficiency test programs


Frequency Range•  9kHz to 1GHz direct connection into a 50Ω system
 •  30MHz to 1GHz radiated using TLM01 and TLM02 antennas
Output connector•  50Ω BNC-type socket
Temperature stability•  9kHz to 1GHz, <±1 dB, at an ambient temperature of 15°C to 30°C
 •  9kHz to 1GHz, <±2 dB, at an ambient temperature of 5°C to 40°C
Time stability•  Typically <1 dB over a 12 month period
Dimensions•  120mm × 120mm x 41mm (60mm including connector)
Weight•  Approx 0.53kg (including battery)
Power supply•  1 x 9 V battery (PP3 or equivalent). Alkaline or rechargeable NiMH
Operating Time•  3 hours typical with alkaline batteries
Indicators•  Power on, low battery


Standard Kits

Part number


Parts included

CNEVKIT01Standard CNE V comparison• CNE V noise source
 noise emitter kit• TLM01 - 200 MHz to 1 GHz (optimum) 100mm long top-loaded monopole antenna
CNEVKIT02Enhanced CNE V comparison• CNE V noise source
 noise emitter kit• TLM01 - 200 MHz to 1 GHz (optimum) 100mm
  • long top-loaded monopole antenna
  • TLM02 - 30 MHz to 300 MHz (optimum) 270mm
  • long top-loaded monopole antenna
  • LSA03 - LISN adapter with IEC 320 style connector

All kits are supplied with:

Alkaline batteries, hard case, CAL03 – 9 kHz to 1 GHz CNE V output power measurement using spectrum analyser, manual.


TLM01200 MHz to 1 GHz (optimum) 100mm top-loaded monopole antenna
TLM0230 MHz to 300 MHz (optimum) 270mm top-loaded monopole antenna
LSA03LISN adapter with IEC 320 style connection
NIA01ISN adapter with RJ11/RJ14/RJ25/RJ45 style connection
MON02Telescopic rod antenna


Manufacturer’s calibrations

CAL02Radiated field strength, 30 MHz to 1 GHz
 measured at 3 m OR 10 m on an OATS using a spectrum analyser or reciever
CAL03Conducted output power, 9 kHz to 1 GHz
 measured using a spectrum analyser
CAL04Radiated field strength, 30 MHz to 1 GHz
 measured at 3 m AND 10 m on an OATS using a spectrum analyser or reciever
CAL06   Radiated field strength, 30 MHz to 1 GHz
 measured at 3m in a FAR using a spectrum analyser or reciever

Typical Output Measurement Results:


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